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Using the Hall

If you have booked the Hall, the following sections will give you important information to use on the day to access and use the Hall, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and that you leave it in a consistent state for subsequent users.

On Arrival

  1. The key for access is in the key safe to the left of the main entrance. The code is sent to you by the Lettings Administrator 3 or 4 days prior to your booking.

  2. As you enter the hall, turn on the master lighting switch in the cupboard to your right inside the main entrance.

  3. There is a large hand-sanitiser dispenser in the kitchen for your use.

  4. Tables and chairs are in the cupboard to your right as you enter the main hall. Please take care of the oak floor when moving the furniture.

  5. You may use any of the crockery and supplies in the high level cupboards and the cutlery in the drawers next to the hob. Please do not use items from the cupboards under the worktops as these items belong to the regular users of the hall.

  6. Oven –  the instructions are in the top drawer next to the hob. The hob is an induction type and saucepans are not provided by the hall.

  7. Please use blu-tac to secure any decorations. There are also some hooks in the main hall for bunting.

  8. There is an inventory in the documents section.

  9. Please bring your own tea towels, kitchen roll, bin liners, napkins etc. The only consumables provided by the hall are washing up liquid and toilet rolls.

  10. Please do not alter the heating controls.

Before Leaving the Hall

  1. Please leave the hall in the condition in which you would expect to find it as there is no weekend cleaning between lettings.

  2. Wipe clean and replace all tables and chairs used and replace them in the furniture store in the positions indicated.

  3. Clean up by sweeping the floors and wiping any kitchen surfaces used. Please replace all items in the correct cupboards.

  4. Please carefully remove any decorations you have put up.

  5. Please take all rubbish home with you.

  6. In winter please close the hall curtains to retain the heat.

  7. Close all windows and ensure that the side door is locked. Turn off all lights and then turn off the master switch in the cupboard by the main entrance.

  8. Lock the main door, return the key to the key safe, close the key safe door and scramble the combination.

  9. Please vacate the hall quietly and considerately as we are in a residential area


Health and Safety

  1. Please familiarise yourself with the location of emergency exits.

  2. There is a first aid kit in the kitchen in the bottom drawer next to the hob.

  3. There is a defibrilator on the outside wall of the building, on the driveway, near the road.

Session Times

  1. Morning  9.00 am to 1.00 pm,  Afternoon 1.30 to 5.30 pm    Evening 6.00pm to 10pm.

  2. These times must be adhered to unless previous permission has been obtained from the Trustees.

Parties and Functions

  1. Young children's parties and discos are allowed in the afternoon or early evening, provided that a minimum of one adult per 10 children is in attendance. Evening children's parties must finish by 10 pm.

  2. Parties for 14 to 21 year olds are not permitted.

  3. Please note Conditions (A)1 and (C)4 regarding noise nuisance - music should be turned down at 9:30pm and off by 10:00pm.

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