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Please note that the Hall is run entirely by volunteers in our own time, so it can take up to 7 days to deal with any queries. However, many common queries can be answered by content on the site so please check the following before contacting us.

Is the Hall free at a particular date and time?

The Availability Calendar (Availability Calendar | WEVH) shows sessions that are already booked. There are three sessions per day: 9am - 1pm, 1:30pm - 5:30pm and 6pm - 11pm. If a slot does not show up as 'Busy' in the calendar then it should be free and available to book (see 'I would like to book the Hall' below)


I would like to book the Hall

If you would like to book the Hall, please check the Bookings page (Bookings | WEVH) for more details or go straight to online Bookings (Make A Booking | WEVH). Aside from block bookings for regular bookers, all bookings should be made via the 'Make A Booking' page.


Is the Hall suitable for my event?

Some details of the Hall can be found here: Facilities | WEVH.

An inventory of equipment (furniture, kitchen equipment, etc.) can be found in the WEVH Inventory.pdf file here: Documents | WEVH.


How much does booking the Hall cost?

Full details of booking costs can be found here:

Bookings | WEVH.


I have requested a booking and am chasing the booking confirmation

The Hall is run entirely by volunteers in their own time. We aim to deal with bookings and queries within 7 days. If you are within 7 days of requesting your booking, please be patient and we will come back to you. Any booking request will block out your booking slot so that it can't be booked by anyone else. We generally only decline bookings if the booker fails to pay or the booking is likely to cause disruption to our neighbours or damage or disruption to the running of the Hall.

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